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Jaime S.

Lisa Mansfield and Michael Khakshour will forever have a special place in my heart as the team who sold
me my first home. 6 years later, Lisa and Michael have also earned a place in the history books, for
selling that very house at a neighborhood record high dollar-per-square-foot, in the midst of a

When I first met Lisa, she was representing the sellers of the home I earnestly hoped to buy. The process
should have been quite anxiety-provoking for me, as the house had three concurrent offers in a
neighborhood with little inventory. Lisa and Michael properly represented their clients’ needs, while
conducting themselves with such transparency, grace and professionalism that they ensured all parties’
interests were aligned. I was impressed.

Despite the typical transactional nature of such relationships, Lisa did not fade into my memory. She is
an integral part of the neighborhood – so much more than a face on a “For Sale” sign. As I made my
home in Brentwood Glen, it became evident that her business style is a reflection of her genuine love of
this place, her home for the better part of her life. Her knowledge of the properties is not just
“encyclopedic” – it’s personal! Do you want to know what’s right (and what’s wrong) about every house
on the street? Ask Lisa.

I would generally not recommend putting your house on the market three days before the
announcement of a global pandemic and ensuing economic crisis, however that is what I did. In the
spring of 2020 people weren’t leaving their front doors let along shopping for real estate. I’m sure Lisa
and Michael were privately panicking like the rest of us. Professionally however, they were cool
cucumbers. Lisa and Michael remained buoyant, innovative and solution oriented. In a world of greater-
than-ever uncertainty, Lisa and Michael were steady and reliable.
We ultimately sold my home to a lovely new family. (Notably, this was the fourth time Lisa has sold this
property). Despite the nail-biting, months of turmoil and endless list of exceptional experiences, the
house ultimately sold for precisely the market value Lisa predicted when it was listed. Occasionally the
stars align, and the right buyer meets the right seller. Perhaps the cosmos favored us for a moment in
this chaotic year.

It’s well established that buying or selling a home is fraught with emotional stressors. My strategy in
selecting Lisa and Michael to represent my sale was the least emotional part of this journey. Their
performance indicators place them in the highest percentile ranks of their profession for a reason. As
COVID-19 threatened the sanity of everybody involved in this transaction, Lisa and Michael
demonstrated why they consistently perform so highly for their clients. It’s not the cosmos and it’s not
luck. It’s their grit, tenacity and a deep professional real estate experience that delivered our incredibly
positive outcome. I am one of innumerable clients who will attest to the fact that every loyal customer
of Lisa’s is hard-earned, and every neighborhood record achieved is much deserved.